10-cows, breeding age females or equivalent 20
30-goats, sheep or hogs breeding age females or equivalent 10
Horse Farm: 3 registered brood mares in production annually 10
Hay Production 10
Sod Farm 10
Corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, cotton & etc. 20
Vegetables & peanuts 10
Planted pines planting rate 500/ac 10
Christmas trees planting rate 900/ac 5
Tree farm-field nursery planting rate 900/ac 5
Natural pines 10
Hardwood 10
Grapes 5
Strawberries, blueberries & blackberries 5
Citrus, apples, pears, peaches & persimmons
(Tree Spacing & number of trees per acre requirements)
Pecans 10
Fish Farms & poultry Individual Basis
Nursery Individual Basis
Feed Lot Individual Basis


                                                              OTHER CRITERIA

  1. 1. Must be operated in such a manner as to reasonably expect to make a return on investment.
    2. Livestock, bred and raised, must be for commercial agricultural. Stables must raise and sell horses. Riding and boarding are not regarded as bona fide commercial agricultural operations.
    3. Actual use on January 1st, not expected or anticipated use, will be the basis for approval.
    4. Agricultural operations should file a tangible personal property return on all equipment that is involved in the farming operation by April 1 of each year.


  1. 1. A management plan should be implemented and a copy of the plan should be in the Property Appraiser’s file.
    2. Timber operations that have been clear-cut should notify this office at the time of harvest. Acreage must be replanted by the end of third year.
    3. Merchantability of the timber will be considered as well as other sufficient management plans implementing such measures as fire lanes, under brushing, reforesting, etc.


An indicated effort was made to maintain and care sufficiently and adequately for this type of land, i.e., fertilizing, liming, mowing, fencing, etc.


Crops must be marketed commercially. Production of crops for your own use does not qualify the parcel of land for agricultural classification, i.e., gardens.


1. Nurseries should have a state agricultural certificate and occupational license.
2. Only areas actually used for the nursery and service area shall be classified.