Exemption Abuse Hotline
Report Abuse and Remain Anonymous
(850) 609-4744

Pursuant to Florida Statutes 193.155 (9) and 196.161(1) (b), when a property owner receives but is no longer entitled to a homestead exemption or agricultural classification, it is deemed to be non-compliant, an abuse of the law, and which affects all taxpayers.

If you know of a property in Okaloosa County currently receiving a tax reduction from a homestead exemption or agricultural classification which you believe should not be receiving such reduction, you are urged to report the activity by calling our Exemption Abuse Hotline. Our fraud investigator will speak with you, and you may remain completely anonymous if you desire.

When you call our Hotline, please provide the following information:

For Homestead Exemption Abuse:
  • The address of the property in question.

  • Whether the property is vacant, a rental, or a vacation home.

  • The length of time since the owner has lived at the property.

  • The address where you believe the owner may be living now (if known).

  • Any other information relative to the fraudulent exemption

  • NOTE: Active duty military personnel away on orders may rent their homestead until returning. Anyone else renting their homestead property voids their right to the exemption.

    For Agricultural Classification Abuse:
  • The address or location of the property.

  • The nature of the abuse.

  • Any other available information such as owner name or parcel ID number. (This can be found by conducting a property search from our homepage)

  • The address where you believe the owner may be living now (if known).

  • Thank you for your assistance in reporting suspected fraud. Your report will be promptly investigated and action taken if warranted.

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